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Data License Price Structure

Discover the MOTOPRIX motorcycle pricing data license and pricing structure. And find out what comes with your annual subscription.

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Data License Price Structure

What is included?

MOTOPRIX’s core business is collecting price information related to new motorcycles and standardize this to industry-strength data suitable for comparative analysis across brands and nations. Subsequently, the service cost is for licensing the use of this data and, to a lesser extent, for the systems providing access to that data.

In general terms, you pay for the data license. Your choice between using the workbench application, the file upload interface or API access makes no difference to the license cost. The license fee also includes online user training and telephone support.

  1. Multi-country licenses include one admin user with access to user and data management features, plus twenty named users.
  2. Single-country licenses have one admin user, plus five named users.
  3. File upload and API licenses have one admin user, plus one backup user.

How do we calculate the license fee?

The data is licensed per country included in the license. Any license, including access to the historical motorcycle pricing data, runs for a minimum of one calendar year. Payment of the license fee is due upfront; we issue the user login credentials upon payment of the license fee invoice.

How much do you need to budget?

Because the price setting for the service depends on many factors, we cannot publish an exact price here. Research costs play an essential role in this, and these vary substantially between countries. However, you can estimate a ballpark figure guided by the service fees below.

Prices stated exclude VAT, are per country, and for an annual license with 1 to 10 years of historical data, without data retention rights. The lowest country license fee is 3950 €, the highest is 9875 €. For a typical 10-country license, the average license fee per country is 5500 € per annum.

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