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Get a FREE pricing data trial account

We offer you the opportunity to try the MOTOPRIX pricing data for yourself. So contact us now to start your 14-day free trial period for the MOTOPRIX analyst's workbench. That includes access to training and free user support.

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Get your 14-day FREE pricing data trial account!

Why would you consider taking a trial?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating; the proof of the data is in the analysis. So you don’t want to buy data without testing it.

Do you want to carefully test the waters of our lake of historical motorcycle pricing data? Or do you need a deep dive?

Who is eligible for a trial?

We offer a free trial to our target audience, which in general terms are motorcycle industry professionals who use this kind of data to analyse their market. Below is a non-exhaustive list of groups that we feel will benefit most from our standard trial program.

  1. Motorcycle manufacturers and their regional HQs
  2. Motorcycle importers and national sales companies
  3. OEM suppliers to the motorcycle industry
  4. Insurance and leasing companies
  5. If you belong to another group, by all means request a trial below for review.

What do you get with your trial?

To make sure you get the whole MOTOPRIX experience, we provide you with two weeks, 24/7, access to our analyst workbench, including free user support. No hidden fees, no payment information needed. No strings attached; when you're done testing, you decide!

During the trial, you can explore the data, make reports and ask questions: we’re here to help and make sure you get the most out of your trial.

How does a trial work?

When we arrange for you to try out our pricing data, we also grant you access to our vast proprietary database. To safeguard our data from misappropriated use, we need to set some boundaries. We do that by asking the trial user and the company they represent to enter into a "Trial Agreement".

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. First, you need to complete the Trial Request form (button below).
  2. Within 24 hours, we will evaluate your request and respond to you.
  3. When eligible for a trial, we will draft a Trial Agreement especially for you and ask you to sign that.
  4. Once we've received the signed agreement back from you, we'll send you your login credentials.

If you would like to find out what we will ask you to sign, please download an example agreement here and review it at your leisure.

MOTOPRIX Trail Request process flow explained

You'll find all the documentation you need, a user guide, short instruction videos and a data definitions reference inside the workbench application. Plus, and if you prefer this, we'll introduce you to the MOTOPRIX workbench's primary functions in a short, hands-on video call; any other questions, call our helpline or drop us an email, we're here to help.

What about my privacy?

Are you concerned about your privacy? We get that! Please read up on how we treat your data in our Privacy Policy . Sure, after your trial finishes, we'll be keen to find out what you think of it, and we'll ask you about your experience, but rest assured, that's it, the rest is up to you!